2nd Chance Banks and Second Chance Checking

Here is a free but useful resource for those individuals who have failed to apply for a new checking account because of being listed in ChexSystems or poor history of previous banking. These banks and credit unions mentioned can offer second chance checking, fresh start checking or new opportunity checking accounts.

These listings will be updated regularly to keep fresh and useful. So just have a try! And here are some other recommended articles:

Free Directory of 2nd Chance Credit Unions and Banks

You can just click the link of your state as below. When the new page loads, there is the latest listing of all the banks and credit unions in your area that can offer the 2nd chance checking accounts you need.

Alabama Alaska Arizona
Arkansas California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware Florida
Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota
Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming District of Columbia

Note that the checking account will be not approved 100%. It may be decided by the financial institutions and be based on your case. So, you are suggested to try to apply at more different banks or credit unions.

Here are some details you should know before you plan to apply for the 2nd chance banking service.  And it will help you get the checking accounts approved. 

  • Firstly,  These financial institutions may check your ChexSystems or EWS records. 
  • Secondly,  The banks and credit unions are not non ChexSystems financial institutions. 
  • Thirdly, some of them may check the  credit history too. So you are suggested to prepare how to answer the questions that may arise.
  • Fourthly,  you may apply for the checking online. But you may be required to visit the branches by some banks. 
  • Fifthly,  No bank will accommodate the individuals with fraud activities.
  • Sixthly, You are highly suggested to pay off what you owe in the past. So it will be easy for you to get approved. 

Free Directory of Non-Chexsystems Banks

Here are also some good banks and credit unions that may accommodate those individuals with negative Chexsystems and do not use Chexsystems verification while approving the banking accounts. So, if you have a poor history of credit or have been reported to some credit institutions such as Chexsystems, here is the right place for you.

You can just click the link of your state as below. When the new page loads, there is a complete list of all the banks and credit unions in your area that can serve you.

Alabama Alaska Arizona
Arkansas California Colorado

Note: The free directory will be updated soon…

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I have to mention that there is no 100% guarantee that you can get approved. And it depends your ability in fact. If you find there are some banks wrongly listed here, please feel free to let me know. And I’ll update it for my readers as soon as possible.

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  1. Linda Hancock says:

    Need a second chance bank account.

    • Brian bradshaw says:

      I would like a chacking account

    • Jerry v Holmes says:

      I am trying to get back on my feet and I need a second chance checking and saving account I would really appreciate it if I could find a bank willing to work with me thank you for your time and consideration in this matter

  2. Brian bradshaw says:

    I want a second chance for checking account

  3. Randi Quarton says:

    No banks will accept me i am desperate to start my life over and have the opportunity to be an adult again please help me get a bank to accept me

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