Alerus Financial’s Free Checking Accounts in MN, AZ and ND

Alerus FinancialEstablished in 1933, Alerus Financial is a great financial institution offering services to its customers almost around the world. Its products include checking, Savings, Loans, Investments, Mortgage and Insurance. It can serve both personal and business customers.

Alerus Financial’s Checking Products

There are several featured checking options offered such as Free Checking, Relationship Checking, Alerus Life Checking and Private Advantage Checking.

Free Checking

  • No frills
  • No monthly service fees
  • No requirement of minimum balance

Relationship Checking

It is a checking account with interest earning.

Alerus Life Checking

It is only for customers who is at least 50.

Private Advantage Checking

It is another high interest checking account without service fees.


Tel: 800-279-3200, 800-279-3200,

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