Deposit Accounts of Piggott State Bank in Piggott, AR

Piggott State BankPiggott State Bank has three types of checking options including Hometown Checking, Regular Checking and Prime Time 50 Plus. All of the checking accounts require an opening deposit of $100 and monthly service fee of $8.

Regular Savings account requires an initial deposit of $50. If your balance is over $50, you’ll be paid compounded interest quarterly. Plus, the bank offers debit card too.


Founded in 1930, Piggott State Bank is a local community bank committed to providing its customers with great financial services mainly in Piggott, Arkansas.


  • 212 West Cherry Street, Piggott, Arkansas 72454, 870-598-3802
  • 168 N. 2nd, Piggott, AR 72454, 870-598-3802

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