Do You Know Early Warning Services?

Similar to the ChexSystems, Early Warning Services is a reporting system that reports your credibility. Although this system is not as commonly used as the ChexSystems, it is more and more famous and now, more and more banks use ChexSystems and Early Warning Services at the same time to check your credibility.

Do You Know Early Warning Services

Do You Know Early Warning Services

Early Warning Systems (previously Primary Payment Systems) can have the same use with ChexSystems and this system would also share the potential risk of a certain customer to the banks so as to let the banks to have a better judgment. Because of this characteristic, we can see the trend that this system can have a high chance to replace the commonly used ChexSystems.

Report and Dispute

Because of the US law, you are able to get a copy of your report and you are gained the right to dispute. You just have to give them all the necessary information, such as your name, social security number, address, driver license number and the address that you’ve lived in the past 5 years if you have moved.

Please be reminded that you should try to avoid giving them other unnecessary information as that may affect your profile in their system.

For example, if they want to request for some information about your current checking account m you can simply denied their request as they just do not have the absolute right to ask for such information. They just want to know more about you and record all the new information that you told them in your profile only, and that can affect your report to a certain extent.

Moreover, just do not tell them about your employer, phone numbers, or other account information or canceled checks as you have to know that it is nothing important for the request of the report. If they insist requesting your information, you can fight for your right or give them. Just up to you.

How to Contact

Well, you have to know more about Early Warning Services. It is a company that is owned by many big heads, such as JPMorgan Chase, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and BB&T Corporation. You can easily observe the relationships between them so that you have to realize that their report can really affect your normal financial activities in many ways because of their close cooperation.

If you have the interest to view the report produced by Early Warning Services, you can simply call them at 800-325-7775 for free. But we do not guarantee that if it will be a charged report in the seen future because this is a company that aims in making profit.

Just like what you should do and what you should not do when you are requesting the report from other financial organizations, you should not give them any unnecessary information as that can help them to have a better understanding of you, which may strongly affect your report.

What you have to do is to provide them as little personal information to them as possible so as not to let them to know too much. If you find yourself unfortunately listed in their system, what you can do is only find the banks that do not use this system and they may allow you to use their financial service.

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