Some Facts about ChexSystems

ChexSystems and Consumer Credit Score

As you know, ChexSystems is such an agency for consumer reporting and checking verification which is owned by the eFunds. And the network of ChexSystems is just made up of credit unions and member banks which can report their all dealings with those customers to the database of ChexSystems. Later, the information is well shared with all the other credit unions or member banks to help them to asses the real risk of business with the customers.

Some Facts about ChexSystems

Some Facts about ChexSystems

If you have been listed in the database ChexSystems, it does not mean it can affect the consumer credit score of yours. You may in such a case that you are listed in the database of ChexSystems, and the same time you also have a very solid credit score. Perhaps, it may be changed someday, but these two databases have no relation at all now.

So, if you want to get a second chance checking account, you do not need care your consumer credit score at all.

Reported to ChexSystems?

You should know that it does not negatively affect the credit report or credit score while you writing a bad check. It may happen while the bank or credit union just passing the bad check to the collection agency. At the point, it will be more likely to be reported to these credit bureaus, and then your consumer credit score may take another hit. It will happen if credit union or the bank report and turn over debts to a credit agency immediately when you do not clear up all the bad check in a very short time.

If you have been reported to the ChexSystems, you are strongly suggested to get the phone number of ChexSystems to order the newest credit report to find out all the details about why you are listed such as the full complaints against you and which banks have reported you. Of course you can also do it by using the website of ChexSystems. The website may also state that the correspondence you will receive include a toll free phone number of ChexSystems which may allow you to speak directly to a customer representative.

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