River Valley CU Offers Free Checking Accounts in NH

River Valley Credit UnionRiver Valley Credit Union is a non-profit financial cooperative serving specially for community. If you want to apply for its membership, you’ll be required to make a deposit of $25 to open a Base Share Account at first. The main products of this credit union are loans, deposit and credit cards.

Free Checking at River Valley Credit Union

There are two types of checking options: Sharedraft Accounts and Free & Clear Checking. And the Free & Clear Checking is a real free checking without any monthly service fee! At the same time, it has the same functions of the regular checking account. Note that you have to qualify for the Overdraft Protection.


  • Tel: 802-463-5065
  • Email: BellowsFalls@rivercu.com
  • Website: http://www.rivercu.com

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