Bopti Federal Credit Union in Terminal Island, CA

Bopti Federal Credit UnionBopti Federal Credit Union offers a full range of deposit accounts including Christmas Clubs, Coverdell (Education) IRAs, Regular Share Accounts, Back to School Clubs, Custodian Accounts, Share Draft, Traditional IRAs, Vacation Clubs and Roth IRAs.


Founded in 1955, Bopti Federal Credit Union has assets of more than $36 million and over 4,200 members in several states including AL, AZ, CA, KY, MS, SC, MO, OH, GA and OR.Bopti Federal Credit Union - Rates

If you live in one of the following areas, you’ll be eligible for the membership of BFCU.
FPC Montgomery, FCC Talladega, AL
FCI Phoenix, FCI Safford, FCI Tucson, AZ
USP Atwater, FCI Dublin, FCI Herlong, FCI Lompoc, USP Lompoc, MDC Los Angeles, CA FCI Mendota, MCC San Diego, FCI Terminal Island, FCC Victorville, FCI Jesup, STC Glynco, GA
FDC Honolulu, HI
USP Big Sandy, KY
FMC Rochester, FCI Waseca, MN
MCFP Springfield, MO
FCI Yazoo City, MS
FCI Elkton, OH
FCI Sheridan, OR
FCI Bennettsville, FCI Edgefield, FCI Estill, FCI Williamsburg, SC
FCI Memphis, TN
FPC Bryan, FDC Houston, FCI Three Rivers, TX
FDC Seatac, WA
FCI Oxford, WI
FCI Gilmer, WV

  • Website:
  • Tel: 310-832-0227, 800-397-9227
  • E-mail:,,,
  • Location: 1451 S. Seaside Ave, Terminal Island, CA 90731

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