Club Accounts of U-Del Federal Credit Union – Newark, DE

U-Del Federal Credit UnionWith a Club Account, you can save up throughout the year for any particular goal. This account can be opened all the time, the amount of deposit is not limited, and principals&interests will also be directly put into your share account when it’s due.

Holiday Club Accounts can help you compensate for holiday expenses of the following year via savings throughout this year. The deposits can be made from October 15th and principals&interests will be paid in the early part of next October. Besides, the interest rate is the same as the highest tier share rate on October 1st of the first year.

Working just like Holiday Club Accounts, Sailing Vacation Clubs provide a term from April 1st to March 31st . However, contributions of this account begin on April 15th , payment of principals&interests is in early April next year, and interest rate offered is the same as the highest tier share rate on April 1st of the first year.


U-Del Federal Credit Union, deriving from Europe, was started in 1909 in Manchester, New Hampshire. At present, it has more than 12,000 credit unions, with an asset of $316 billion and over 70 million members.

Tel: 302-831-2327
Location: 112 General Services Bldg., 222 So. Chapel St., Newark, DE 19716

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