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Peoples Credit UnionPeoples Credit Union offers many deposit account products such as Regular Shares, Share Draft Accounts, Money Fund Accounts, Certificate of Deposits, Christmas Club Accounts, Vacation Club Accounts, and Individual Retirement Accounts.

Regular Shares only require a minimum balance of $25 and pay the dividends every quarter. For Regular Share Draft Accounts, $25 minimum balance must be maintained. While an average minimum balance of $750 is required for Interest Share Draft Accounts, which earn monthly interests. This kind of account has no monthly service fees.

Money Fund Accounts, like Regular Share Draft Accounts, asks for a minimum balance of $25. A monthly paid interest is offered if your account balance is kept at $100 or more.

Although $100 minimum balance is required, Certificate of Deposits will provide you with high dividends if your deposits have been over half of a year to 5 years. Dividends will be canceled once you take out cash too early.

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Peoples Credit Union, started in 1956, owns assets of $29 million and over 2,600 members today.

Tel: 719-523-6250, 800-569-1866

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125 Main Street, Springfield, CO. 81073

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