EBSCO Federal Credit Union in Birmingham, AL

Ebsco Federal Credit UnionFounded in 1953, EBSCO Federal Credit Union is committed to offering convenient and full-line financial services to its over 2300 members with assets of more than $8 million. EBSCO also offers Savings accounts, Free Checking, Visa Debit Cards, Online Banking, Free Bill Pay, christmas Club, CDs, IRAs, Auto loans, Truck Loans, Unsecured Loans and other banking services.

Account                    Rate
Savings                     0.15%*
Christmas Club      0.75%*
12-Month CDs        0.25% APR*
24-Month CDs        0.50% APR*
36-Month CDs        0.75% APR*
48-Month CDs        0.75% APR*
60-Month CDs        0.75% APR*
12-Month IRAs      0.25% APR*
24-Month IRAs      0.50% APR*
36-Month IRAs      0.75% APR*
48-Month IRAs      0.75% APR*
60-Month IRAs      0.75% APR*


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