Free Checking of Delta Schools Federal Credit Union in Antioch, CA

Delta Schools Federal Credit UnionFinancial Partner Checking is a no monthly fee checking account designed with many benefits. The account comes with an active DSFCU VISA which has a credit limit of $500. And if you do not choose to have a VISA with the credit union, the monthly service fee for Financial Partner checking is $5. And the Super Student checking is another featured free checking account.

Other Deposit Accounts:

  • Share/Savings Accounts
  • Checking/Check Card Accounts
  • Senior Partners Program
  • Junior Partners Club
  • Scottie Savers Club
  • Trust Accounts for Minors
  • Christmas Clubs
  • IRAs


Founded in 1953, Delta Schools Federal Credit Union has assets of more than $27 million and over 3,600 members in CA.

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