Free Chekcing of New Haven County Credit Union – North Haven, CT

New Haven County Credit UnionChecking Accounts of NHCCU has No minimum balance requirements, monthly fees, service charges, or per check fees. Visa Check Card is provided, plus a great many ATM accesses across the country. Point of Sale is also available. Besides, you have access to Member access Touchtone Teller, a 24-hour telephone audio response system. If you apply for credit, a protection line of credit up to $2,500 will be offered.

As the premise to Credit Union Membership, Regular Savings Account endows you the right to enjoy all the services and benefits in the credit union with a nominal deposit of $5.00. Unlimited personal deposits and withdrawals are permitted via ATM or mail, and transfers can be conducted through M.A.T.T.. The interests are based on the average daily balances.

Vacation Club Account, Christmas Club Account, and Individual Retirement Accounts are also available here.

New Haven County Credit Union - Rates


New Haven County Credit Union, which was started in 1963, has over 4,600 members and assets of $16 million nowadays.

Tel: 203-234-8773
Location: 450 Universal Drive, North Haven, CT 06473

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