GSA Federal Credit Union – Washington, DC

GSA Federal Credit UnionTo open a Share Account of GSA Federal Credit Union, only a deposit of $5 is required. This kind of account, working exactly like a regular savings account, can also help you earn dividends. Since the dividends are based on balances, which must be kept over $100, you’ll earn more if you save more. The dividends are calculated every day and put into your account every month.

Share Certificates in GSA provide much more competitive interests than the regular share accounts. The only condition is to make a deposit of minimum $1,000. The term ranges from 6 to 60 months, and you just need to choose one most suitable.


GSA Federal Credit Union has more than 5,500 members and over $28 million in assets today.

Tel: 866-820-0105

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301 7th Street, SW,
Room 5021
Washington, DC 20407

1800 F Street, NW,
Room 1211
Washington, DC 20405

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