Health Credit Union in Birmingham, AL

Heritage Family Credit UnionHealth Credit Union offers a full range of banking services such as REGULAR SHARE ACCOUNTS, REGULAR CLUB ACCOUNTS, CHRISTMAS CLUBS, SHAREDRAFT ACCOUNTS, MONEY MARKET ACCOUNTS, CDs, VISA DEBIT CARDS, PERSONAL LOANS, auto loans, home loans, BOAT loans and RV loans.

Products                         Rate
Regular Savings              0.30
Clubs                                   0.30
CD 3 months                    0.35
CD 6 months                    0.40
CD 12 months                  0.60
CD 18 months                  0.70
CD 24 months                  0.85
CD 30 months                  0.85
IRA                                      0.90
New Auto Loans 48 – 60 months                  2.99-8.00
Used Auto Loans 48 months                          4.00-10.50
SIGNATURE LOANS                                           9.50-16.50
1st Mortgage                                    3.875% VARIABLE 4.80% FIXED


Founded in 1955, Health Credit Union has assets of more than $20.6 million and 1,814 members today. HCU mainly serves in Birmingham, AL.


1400 6th Avenue, S, Birmingham, AL 35233

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