Louviers Federal Credit Union – Newark, DE

Louviers Federal Credit UnionIf you’re expecting a checking account with great convenience at no various costs, Louviers FCU Checking Accounts are your best choices. Without monthly service fees, minimum balance requirements or item charges, this account will provide you with lots of benefits. Overdraft Protection and Monthly Statements are offered, as well as dividends based on everyday account balance and accumulated every quarter. Also, Account Access is available via Visa Debit Card. Besides, you can track the transaction history or account balance via Online Banking or Teller Phone.

As long as you register a new account, you’re able to conduct deposits the same way as other accounts through Teller Phone, ATM, account transfer, direct or personal deposit. Cash is accessible via ATM card at surcharge-free Allpoints or selection locations and POS transactions can also be made via Visa Debit Card at the same places.

As to the payment evidence of written checks, every written check is featured with an instant carbon copy. Except that, a free online copy is also appliable via online banking. Call or visit us with the number and amount of the check if you want to stop paying a check. This service will be charged with a little bit.


Established in 1968, Louviers Federal Credit Union has been serving New Castle County since then. It now has an asset of over $200 million and over 11,000 members.

Website: https://www.louviers.com/
Tel: 302) 733-0426
(800) 572-2092


185 South Main Street
Newark, DE 19711

2612 Kirkwood Highway
Newark, DE 19711

1007 Orange Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

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