Minnequa Works Credit Union – Pueblo, CO

Minnequa Works Credit UnionMinnequa Works Credit Union, established in 1937, has now 22,498 members and assets of $139 million. Since then, the Union has been trying very hard to improve the members’ financial conditions and enhance their health and happiness through the various low-cost quality services.

Different from other financial organizations having to generate profits for their stockholders, MWCU is only owned by its members and judged by their satisfaction. Extra profits will be paid back to members through a range of free or low-cost products and quality services, lower loan rates, and higher interests and savings.

By providing valuable products like IRA’s, Money Market, Youth Accounts, Christmas Club and money saving loans, the credit union is able to make customers lives better, at the same time keeping its own permanent stability and backing the community.

Minnequa Works Credit Union - Rates


Founded in 1937, Minnequa Works Credit Union has assets of more than $139 millionand over 22,400 members today.

Website: http://mymwcu.com/
Tel: 719-544-6928, 800-824-5078

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1549 E. Abriendo Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004, 719-544-6928
7 Bassick Place, Westcliffe, CO 81252, 719-544-6928
4700 Eagleridge Cir., Pueblo, CO 81008, 719-544-6928
1010 Bonforte Blvd., Pueblo, CO 81001, 719-544-6928
701 W. 8th Street, Pueblo, CO 81003, 719-544-6928

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