Mount Jezreel Federal Credit Union – Silver Spring, MD

Mount Jezreel Federal Credit UnionBasically a savings cooperative, covering Savings Accounts (Share Drafts), Vacation Club Accounts, and Christmas Club Accounts, MJFCU would suggest you managing a regular savings account.

For every savings account, a minimum deposit of $5.00 and an entry fee of $1.00 are required, but the entry fee is not valid for minorities.

Although they are restricted by all credit rules and regulations, active members are eligible to apply for a Share Secure Loan. However, a share balance equaling the loan balance must be maintained if the loan is permitted.


MJFCU, funded in 1986, has around 450 members and a total asset of $134,800.

Tel: 301-445-1183

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420 University Blvd, East
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

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