O.A.S. Staff Federal Credit Union – Washington DC

O.A.S. Staff Federal Credit UnionShare Draft (Checking) Account, an account earning dividends, can bring great convenience for bills payment and purchases.

It has No minimum balance requirements, monthly service charges, or per-check fees.
Apart from that, there’re many other privileges such as VISA Debit Card, Mobile Banking, Check Mate Online Banking, 24/7 account access via E-Services,Unlimited Check Writing, Overdraft Protection, Payroll Deduction, Direct Deposit, etc..

Overdraft will be covered by the early agreed line of credit or transfers from your savings account. Dividends will be accumulated and put into your account every three-month. Besides, a Fund Insurance of $250,000 minimum will be supplied by the NCUA.


O.A.S. Staff Federal Credit Union, the cooperative started in 1962, has nowadays 5,400 members and assets of $137 million.

Website: https://www.oasfcu.org
Tel: 202-458-3834
E-mail: credit_union@oasfcu.org
Location: 1889 F Street NW, Washington DC 20006

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