Savings of Science Park Federal Credit Union – New Haven, CT

Science Park Federal Credit UnionScience Park Federal Credit Union’s Regular Share Accounts are savings accounts with interests, which allow flexible share deposits or withdrawals on a maintained minimum balance. Deposits can be conducted personally, via payroll deduction, or by mail, and all share withdrawals are posted by check. Statements recording recent account transactions will be mailed to you every quarter.

Money Market Accounts as another option provide a dividend rate on the money market balance. Monthly withdrawals are limited and dividends are available on condition that a balance of $1000 is maintained.

There’re also other services, like Vacation Club Accounts, Christmas Club Accounts, Term Certificates, Individual Retirement Account Savings, and Individual Retirement Term Certificates.

Savings of Science Park Federal Credit Union - Rates


Established in April of 1940, Science Park Federal Credit Union has around 1,000 members and assets of more than $5 million now.

Tel: 203-786-5885
Location: 401 Winchester Ave, New Haven, CT 06511-1917

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