Seaford Federal Credit Union – Seaford, DE

Seaford Federal Credit UnionWith a Visa Credit Card, you’re able to make any kind of transactions and earn bonus points. After earning enough points, you can change them for travels, commodities, or other goods you want.

Verified By Visa is a very helpful Visa that can erase identity theft and secure online shopping. When doing business with online merchants providing the service of Verified by Visa, you need to input a password to place the order. The password, very similar to the PIN for ATMs, is only known to yourself. For more comfortable and safe online shopping experiences, you’re suggested to establish a password and only make purchases at websites with the Verified by Visa service.

There’re also many other products and services, including Money Market Accounts, Interest Bearing Checking Accounts, Pay Day Loans, Home Loans/Mortgages, Credit Builder Loans, Visa Gift Cards, Reloadable Visa Cards, and Instant Issue Debit Cards.


With a history of 43 years, Seaford Federal Credit Union owns currently $22 million in assets and over 6300 members.



24488 Sussex Hwy
Seaford, DE
+1 302-629-7852

30650 Dupont Blvd
Dagsboro, DE
+1 302-934-1774

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