Stamford Healthcare Credit Union – Stamford, CT

Stamford Healthcare Credit UnionStamford Healthcare Credit Union’s Regular Savings Account requires a minimum balance of $75.00. Dividends are counted on daily average balance and paid every quarter.

To open a Holiday Club account, a minimum deposit of $5.00 is required. The transfer will be made at the end of October to your savings account.

Vacation Club accounts are tailored for those trying to save for vacations, with a minimum required balance of $5.00. Withdrawals are available whenever you like.

Share Certificates here offer a changing term of 6,12, 18,24 and 36 months. Dividends are accumulated daily and paid at end of the term.


Chartered in 1978, Stamford Healthcare Credit Union has now over 2,500 members, with a total asset of $12 million.

Tel: 203-316-9111, 855-604-8190
Location: 166 West Broad Street, Suite T-02, Stamford, CT 06902

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