Subiaco Federal Credit Union in Subiaco, AR

Subiaco Federal Credit UnionSubiaco Federal Credit Union has featured savings accounts well designed to meet different needs of its members. Share Certificate is designed with minimum balance requirement of $5,000. and you’ll be eligible for competitive interest rates and flexible terms.

SFCU also offers several types of IRA accounts such as Traditional IRA’s, Education IRA’s and Roth IRA’s.

Subiaco Federal Credit Union - Rates


Founded in 1948, Subiaco Federal Credit Union has assets of more than $20 million and over 2,370 members in North Logan County, AR.


  • 243 Conrad Street, Subiaco, AR 72865, 479-934-4201
  • 802 E Walnut, Paris, AR 72855, 479-963-4201

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