Yuma County Federal Credit Union – Yuma, CO

Yuma County Federal Credit UnionUnlike other financial institutions, YCFCU offers Checking Account and doesn’t charge you for services. Plus the account allows you to earn interests on account balances instead.

Visa Debit Card is provided so that you have access to your capital freely for purchases in the form of credit card or cash. Overdraft Protection is also available, which permits transfers from early sanctified credit line or your savings when necessary.


YCFCU, launched in 1949 and operated by only nine full-time staff,  with three office in Wray and six in the Yuma, has grown to a credit union with assets of more than $25 million and over 2,500 members.

Website: http://www.ycfcu.com/
Tel: 970-848-3823, 970-332-9827

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419 W 8th Ave, Yuma, CO 80759
401 Main St, Wray, CO 80758
401 Main St , Wray, CO 80758

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