BBVA Compass Bank’s 2nd Chance Checking Account Review

BBVA Compass Bank's 2nd Chance Checking Account ReviewBenefits of Seconds Chance Checking Accounts

Those who have a poor credibility would find it hard to open a normal checking account. Seconds Chance Checking accounts are the special financial products that are designed for them so as to meet their needs. BBVA Compass Bank is one of the banks that offer those people with this service.


The 2nd Chance Checking accounts provided by BBVA Compass Bank can provide us with many great features that even some regular checking account services can not provide. We are able to save our money in a safe place if we use this services.

Those who have a bad credibility are always the user of this kind checking accounts. And you should know, you ‘ll be charged a monthly fee of $7.95 by BBVA Compass Bank for the service. That is not much but you can enjoy normal banking services again.

If you want to open a the account, you have to deposit at least 25USD into the account at first, but there will be no more restriction on the minimum deposit after you have opened an account there. You can enjoy unlimited checking writing, and online banking service there. You can even get a free VISA check card if you want.

It is lucky that there are also other banks like BBVA Compass Bank that are willing to provide those who have a bad credibility with 2nd chance banking. Even so, there are usually various restrictions of using the special banking account. But you are suggested to use BBVA Compass Bank account because that they can offer you almost standard checking services, check card and online banking at a reasonable price.

We have to understand that there are still some limitations if you want to use the 2nd chance checking account of BBVA Compass Bank. You must be a permanent residence in the same state as BBVA Compass Bank serves so that it can serve you the best.

About BBVA Compass Bank

Headquarter of BBVA compass bank is in Birmingham, Alabama. Until now, there are more than 720 BBVA compass bank branches throughout Alabama, Colorado, Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, and New Mexico. BBVA compass bank knows what we really need and it provides us lots of services that really mean.

Details about 2nd Chance Checking Account

They can offer you a full range of financial services, which includes commercial and wholesale banking, retail banking services, consumer loans, student loans, pension plan management mortgages, credit cards, securities brokerage, wealth management, and insurance. More and more people who have a bad credibility are using the second chance checking accounts of this bank because of the conveniences bought by it.

5 Responses to BBVA Compass Bank’s 2nd Chance Checking Account Review

  1. Patreal says:

    How long do I have to be with bob a to get a loan if my check is going to be direct deposited

  2. Cary Welch says:

    I would like to open a 2nd chance banking account with you. Can you let me know what I need to do to get this done.

    Thank you,
    Cary Welch

  3. La'Toyia McGrew says:

    I have a job that is doing direct deposits only is there a way that I can get some information on opening a bank account. I believe I will need the second chance because I had my identity stolen and I am still trying to recover from that.

    Thank You,

  4. Yvonne says:

    How do I apply for 2nd chance with compass in San Diego Ca

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