Opportunity Checking of One South Bank – Chipley, FL

One South BankOne South Opportunity Checking is committed to benefiting the customers who have been reported to Chexsystems and denied checking privileges. The special checking account will help the customers develop strong financial management skills and repair damaged credit histories. The minimum inital deposit is $100. And the monthly maintenance fee is $15.

Other Checking Options:

  • One South Classic Checking
  • Hometown Hero Checking
  • Student Checking
  • One South Heritage Checking
  • One South Advantage Checking
  • One South e-Advantage Checking
  • Money Market Account


Established in 2008, One South Bank is a locally chartered community bank mainly serving in Chipley, FL.

Website: http://www.onesouthbank.com/
Tel: 850.415.6870
E-mail: contactus@onesouthbank.com

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1385 Main Street, Chipley, Florida 32428

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